neon tiki tribe documentary

Dreamers is a club we founded for those inspired by found footage from the age of the VHS.
Below is the story of a man who dreams of creating the next "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."
He started in 1994 and he isn't showing any signs of stopping.




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The Dreamers Found Footage club is a great way to stay inspired
by learning from the founding fathers of the digital-multimedia age.

You don't have to sign up or make a password.

Just follow these steps and remember:

You can't buy happiness, but you can probably manage a VCR from the nearest Goodwill.

1. Purchase VCR from nearest Goodwilll.

2. Compile stack of old VHS tapes found in dad's attic, friends' dads' attics.

3. Watch all of them.

4. Become inspired by some of the world's earliest audio-visuals.

5. Make stuff about it in hopes that you, too, might one day be as creative and/or innovative.