Slim Jim may not be a delicacy. But on the Great Open Road, alternatives are scarce.




gas station


meat clips

Slim Jim's new Meat Clips attach to your car visor. Nothing pairs better with a setting sun than a Slim Jim.


motel takeover

When you stop overnight at a motel in the middle of nowhere, take comfort in knowing there is meat nearby.

motel takeover- brochure

Pick up a road meat atlas and make sure to stop by a nearby meat parlor before getting back on the interstate.



If you're within 50 miles of a gas station, you're in #MeatTerritory.


Slim Jameson*
1 liter of Jameson Whiskey, aged 12 years
1 Slim Jim, aged 1 - 6 years
5 cubes of ice (optional)
Use Slim Jim to stir slowly

Enjoy your meat, neat.

*Jameson can be substituted to make a Slim Jim Beam.