CAP THE TAP: Adweek Student Isaac award

We designed a new water bottle cap that fastens to sink taps to save water.



We started making ads for humidifiers, then realized humidifiers are actually so ugly.



Starting with toothpaste, we took toiletries to the next chakra.

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The Kala line is a break from the current cosmetic industry which is based almost entirely on "additive" behavior. 
Using the unique power of activated charcoal to absorb and subtract impurities from the body, Kala is more than a personal hygiene routine- it is a practice in meditation and mindfulness inspired by Eastern mysticism.

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In eastern mysticism, the '64 Kalas’ or ’64 skilled arts’ are mastered over a lifetime and provide for a balanced mind, body, and soul.

The Kala Activated Charcoal Line draws from the ninth Kala (the art of cleaning ones teeth), the thirteenth Kala (the art of splashing with water), and the sixth Kala, the art of painting the face and body with color.

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Brand essence film:

Original music composed by Amber and Basil Frye and played back in reverse.